Judges Feedback Reports

One of the valuable aspects of the Awards process, often hidden from public view, is the participant and organisational learnings and insights provided in the comprehensive feedback reports.  This valuable participate-judge feedback loop delivers tangible take-aways that lead to real personal and business developmental action.

We thought it would be worthwhile and valuable to share some real comments and feedback from the Judges on the various submission sections that were received by or Award entrants– both affirmative and constructive.

Performance KPIs:

This was a really strong area as there was a lot of evidence and detail on KPIs, how they are targeted, reviewed and adjusted etc. KPIs have a strong focus across the centre for staff and teams. An improvement would be to communicate the KPI results with the rest of the business.

Customer Experience:

A very customer focussed centre, collecting customer experience and levels of satisfaction data, which is used to improve the level of service and review processes to reflect customer requirements.

The centre definitely has the customer at the heart of everything they do. With offering chat and staff able to go on client tours, it all aligns towards providing the best service possible.

Value to the Business:

Good evidence provided on the value of the Call Centre to the business and how the business recognises the centre's handling of customer interactions etc.) Good to see CEO visits the centre. Could improve with some info where the business promotes the centre and any recognition from other areas of the business or from external sources.

Staff Engagement:

This section was very well covered with R&R having a high focus, dress up days, cancer council, team stars etc. Staff are well engaged at the agent level and teams collectively. For improvement specified KPI on staff engagement could be added to the Team Leaders KPI list, this way Team Leaders are participants as well as drivers to encourage staff to be involved in events and engaged

A fantastic R&R program evident with staff able to review engagement scores and review the input to it etc. to improve it further. Staff get communicated the results and very evident from the external awards etc. Could have improved by having some communication or recognition from Senior Management and to have Staff Engagements as a KPI for Team Leaders. Otherwise a great R&R program

Why We Shine?

It was a pleasure to be a judge and I commend you on some fantastic practices.  Well done.

A very robust and consistent ongoing training program was evident, with succession plans and good training and mentoring of team leaders. Could have improved by covering any calibration of training and coaching.

It appears new staff in the first 6 months are well trained and supported with follow up coaching and mentoring to ensure skills are learnt and maintained.

Very good coverage of having dedicated resources to provide training, with staff being able to initiate their own training with good succession plans in place. The mentoring of Team Leaders was very well covered. Areas to improve on are, having some calibration or measurement of training and the coaching used.

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