Tuesday 30 April • Practitioner Workshop Day

 10am • Practitioner Workshop One Begins
Hands-on AI Solution Building
Unlocking Customer Excellence: Enhancing Service Delivery with Conversational AI

This rapidly evolving technology can effectively address challenges such as talent shortages and the increasing demand for 24/7 customer support.

During this session, we will share how AI can unlock capacity, allowing your team to prioritise empathy, support, and guidance for their customers. You'll have the opportunity to experiment with the Cognigy technology by creating your own bot and engaging in discussions with industry peers.

Together, we aim to collaboratively address capacity, capability, and service requirements in a scalable and relevant manner for a range of different-sized contact centres throughout the session.

This session is designed for conference attendees responsible for customer experience and service delivery, including those overseeing contact centre teams and back-office processing functions.

12:30pm • Lunch Break & Networking
1:30pm • Practitioner Workshop Two Begins
Focusing on your People

Dynamic Empowerment: Integrating Feedback and Accountability for long-term Success

With increasing demands placed on leaders, this session will focus on empowerment. We'll examine the right approaches and environments needed for empowerment to thrive, considering both short-term and long-term timeframes. The session will cover empowerment processes, accountability, and individual responsibility within these contexts.

We'll also explore the distinctions between accountability and feedback conversations, and how feedback can foster ongoing growth and development. This is particularly relevant in bridging the skills gap and adapting to a highly transient environment.

Additionally, we'll discuss how these strategies can enhance future proficiency and alleviate the pressure leaders often feel regarding the development of their people and the success of their business.

4pm • Close

Tuesday 30 April • Executive Day

10am • Executive Day Begins
Welcome from Fran Southward
10:15am • 2024 Australian Contact Centre Benchmarking Report
Insights for the Exec with Alex Boland, COPC
11am • Panel Discussion
Benchmarking Report Insights: People Impacts
11:45am • The Leadership Paradox
with Shelley Flett

The focus of this session is around the paradox of leadership. We'll explore how leaders are required to balance opposing ways of thinking and acting, emphasising the equal importance of each. A prime example is the need to nurture both health and well-being, alongside increased productivity and performance. Another is the need to increase output and reduce cost.

The discussion will revolve around the success of organisations in the coming years, contingent upon their ability to execute and deliver optimal outcomes. This involves connecting vision, goals, strategy, and values to the daily activities of every individual in an organisation, without resorting to micromanagement. We'll also discuss the development of operating rhythms using lag and lead indicators for early identification of potential issues.

12:30pm • Lunch Break & Networking
1:30pm • Executive Day Continues
Welcome Back from Fran Southward
1:35pm • Executive Leadership Case Study
Tanya Eglinton, General Manager Customer Connect at BOQ Group
2:20pm • Challenge Workshopping
3:20pm Executive Case Study - more details soon

4pm • Close