Judging Nomination

Nominations are underway for the 2024 Auscontact Excellence Awards so, we are now looking for our Judging Panel via an expression of interest.

We are looking for a combination of Judges to complete the awards assessments.

Past judges have found the role personally rewarding and have gained a great deal of knowledge from the process. Judging of the awards presents a unique learning opportunity for all.


Judges need to commit to two days of virtual calibration with the Auscontact National Office team via Zoom.
Calibration for Individual, Organisation and Vendor categories will take place separately in May 2024 (dates TBC).

Judging is to be conducted from the judges business location office or home (whichever is the preference) and is required to occur from approx. 3 June to 5 July with as much flexibility as can be provided to stagger judging days to allow judges to fulfil their own personal and work commitments.

Whilst it is difficult to determine the time required until all nominations have been received (31 May 2024) it is predicted that a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week over the approximate 6 week judging period will be necessary to complete this important task.
Interviews and presentations will be timed to suit the availability of the judges.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is required to be completed by all judges prior to commencement.

Judges will need to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and knowledge in order to act as a judge.

Conflict of Interest

Judges are not permitted to undertake any of the following:

  • Score/judge relatives or friends
  • Score/judge colleagues working at their current employer
  • Score/judge colleagues working at any previous employer
  • Enter an individual award category in the year in which they are judging
  • Access questions and criteria in a category which their organisation is nominated (individual, organisation or national)

Judges are asked to review the pool of nominations and identify any conflicts to Auscontact. Judges are not given access to the scoring or progress of anyone whom they have identified as a conflict.

Judges are not permitted to share awards questions or criteria with any outside party. This includes individuals or organisations who are not entered in the awards program. If a judge is found to have shared any such information with an outside party or nominee, the judge will be removed from their role and the nominee will be disqualified from the awards program.

If a Vendor Member nominates a client in any award category, no employees of the Vendor organisation will be permitted to become a judge for 2024.

Please submit your expression of interest form by COB Thursday 4 April 2024 via email to [email protected]